Elemental Analyzers in the Steel and Metal Industry

ELTRA GmbH has over 30 years of experience in the construction of elemental analyzers for the determination of the carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen content in metals. Several analyzers have been specially optimized for in-process analyses and final quality control of metal products.

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-800

Elements such as carbon and sulfur substantially influence the hardness and processability of materials such as titanium or copper; therefore, it is paramount to reliably measure these elements during the various production steps and as part of the final quality control.

While the powerful induction furnace of the CS-800 elemental analyzer combusts an inorganic sample in an oxygen stream at more than 2,000 °C, infrared cells ensure the reliable determination of carbon and sulfur.

Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzer ONH-2000

For materials such as steel or titanium hydrogen embrittlement can be dangerous; for materials such as copper the oxygen content is a decisive quality criterion. With the ONH-2000 it is possible to determine the oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen content in metallic or ceramic samples.

The elemental analyzer is equipped with an impulse furnace and provides temperatures of more than 3,000 °C. Element concentrations are measured with infrared cells and thermal conductivity cells.

Surface Carbon Analyzer Surface C-800

Carbon occurs as bound in a material (total carbon) but is also found on the surface of materials (surface carbon). Process water or oil can contaminate the surface of a product thus preventing or impeding further processing such as painting/varnishing.

The SurfaceC-800 is equipped with an XXL sample drop mechanism, allowing for reliable analysis also of large sample pieces.