Elemental Analyzers for Mining (Coal) and Geology Applications

ELTRA GmbH has over 30 years of experience in the construction of elemental analyzers for the determination of C, S and N, O, H as well as thermogravimetric analyzers. Several instruments have been especially optimized for the analysis of ores, rocks and coal.

Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulfur Analyzer CHS-580/580A

The effective calorific value of fuels is determined by their carbon and hydrogen content. Through combustion the contained hydrogen turns into a substantial amount of water which evaporates from the boiler and is therefore not usable for the heating process. This reduces the calorific value so that the hydrogen content, just like the sulfur content, directly influences the quality and price of coal.

The CHS-580 analyzer with its maximum temperature of 1,500 °C is suitable for the indirect determination of the copper content by way of measuring the sulfur content of copper ores which are used for the production of copper concentrates.

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer CS-800

The CS-800 elemental analyzer with its induction furnace provides higher temperatures than a resistance furnace. It is used to heat, for example, geological samples, ores and salts to more than 2,000 °C to reliably determine the carbon and sulfur content.

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA Thermostep

The conventional method to determine thermogravimetric parameters such as moisture, ash or volatiles by using a muffle furnace and an external balance is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Eltra’s TGA Thermostep features a programmable furnace with integrated balance and measures these parameters in samples like coal, coke or ores fully automatically.