Carbon Analysis & Sulfur Analysis

Carbon Analysis & Sulfur Analysis

The determination of the carbon and sulfur content in solids is a routine application in laboratories and production. Depending on the sample material, different analyzers are used.

Organic samples are usually characterized by a high carbon content (60 – 100 %) and combustibility (e. g. coal, coke, wood). The complete release of carbon and sulfur takes place at temperatures of approx. 1,300 °C (or less). For this purpose analyzers with a resistance furnace are most suitable.

Inorganic sample materials, however, have a considerably lower carbon content (from a few ppm to a max. of 10 %) and are usually not combustible. Carbon / sulfur is released at high temperatures above 2,000 °C which can only be achieved with an induction furnace.

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzers

CS-800 for inorganic sample materials
The CS-800 is a carbon / sulfur analyzer with induction furnace for analyzing inorganic sample materials (e. g. steel, cast iron, refractory metals, ceramics).

CS-2000 for inorganic and organic sample materials
The CS-2000 is the only carbon / sulfur analyzer in the market equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace (EDF Technology). It is suitable for the analysis of inorganic sample materials (e. g. steel, cast iron, refractory metals, ceramics) as well as organic sample materials (such as coal, coke, oil).