Carbon and sulfur determination in pure iron samples

C, S Determination in Pure Iron Samples

Application Notes

*Subject to technical modification and errors

Suitable analyzers


Used accessories

  • Ceramic crucibles (90150)
  • Tungsten (90220)
  • Suitable calibration material (NIST or other)



  • Comparator level: 10 mV (low C, S Channel only)
  • Minimum time: 45 sec
  • Maximum time: 3:00 min
  • Integration delay: 6 sec
  • Post-waiting: 10 sec
  • Pre-purging: 15 sec
  • Base line deviation: 5 mV
  • Base line time: 30 sec
  • T1 – Pre-purging: 5 sec
  • T2 – Chamber only: 5 sec
  • T3 – Chamber and lance: 1 sec


Sample Preparation

Make sure that the surface of the pure iron is free from contaminations;
otherwise clean the sample with acetone p.a. and let dry at atmosphere.
Pre-heat the crucibles at least 1 h at 1000°C ; let the crucibles cool down
in an exsiccator.


–          Prepare ELTRA analyzer (e.g. exchange anhydrone, sodium hydoxide,
copper oxide when necessary); clean the combustion tube, brush, heating
shield, dust trap

–          Run three warm up samples (e.g. steel samples (92400-3050) with a
minimum weight of 500 mg; add 1.5 g tungsten)

–          Calibrate the analyzer with suitable calibration material (NIST or other
(1) Weigh in approx. 500 mg of sample in the ceramic crucibles (90150)
(2) Add 1.7 (±0.1 g) of tungsten (90220)
(3) Place the crucible on the pedestal and start analysis
Repeat step (1) – (3) at least three times;
Mark the results and use the calibration function in the software.

-> Now start with the actual analysis.