Features of the Analyzer Software

Each analyzer comes with a Windows computer which has Windows 2000/XP installed. This is advantageous because the Windows operating system is familiar to most operators. The software program which controls the analyzer is easy to use and the display layout can be changed to suit each individual’s preference.

The database stores information about each analysis and can be recalled for later review or results recalculation with modified parameters. Additional features include barometric pressure compensation, basic one-point and advanced multi-point calibration and simultaneous calibration of more than one measuring range.

Should the operator need assistance, the computer can be remotely accessed via Teamviewer and an Eltra Africa technician can run diagnostics on the analyzer or view reports. Technical reports can also be created and sent to a service technician.

Calibration Lineup:

  • Separate application files for each matrix
  • Automatic or manual breakpoint programming
  • Single-, dual- or multipoint calibration curve
  • Wide analytical range without separate calibration
  • No preselection of range by operator

Example of Control Panel for an Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hyrdogen (ONH) Analyzer: