Precise and reliable analysis of surface carbon with eltra’s surface c-800 analyzer

For the processing of products such as steel or titanium it is important to
ascertain the surface carbon content as this may influence, for example, the
formation of rust or the adhesion of paint.


To determine the surface carbon content quickly, precisely, and with best
possible sensitivity, ELTRA has developed the SurfaceC-800. This analyzer is
equipped with a resistance furnace with quartz tube with a maximum
temperature of 1,000 °C. The wide furnace provides great flexibility for larger
sized samples up to 32 x 145 mm. Detection is carried out with up to 2 infrared
cells which can be customized according to the user’s requirements, thus
allowing for reliable analysis of untreated as well as oiled or painted samples.
The unique ELTRA loading head ensures precise measurements of low surface
carbon concentrations. Its special construction keeps out ambient atmosphere
and significantly reduces interferences.

ELTRA’s SurfaceC-800 is characterized by a flexible measuring range, high
sample weights and an intelligent loading head. Solid samples can be directly
analyzed for their surface carbon content without the need for time-consuming
sample preparation. Analysis results are usually obtained within a few minutes.


  • Very wide loading head accepts sample sizes up to 32 x 145 mm
  • Individual measuring ranges for carbon from ppm level to 100 %
  • Very short measurement times
  • Flexible sample geometry
  • Optional infrared cells of massive gold

ELTRA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elemental analyzers
for rapid and accurate analysis at affordable prices. Starting with
combustion analyzers for carbon and sulfur determination in the early
1980’s ELTRA has extended its product range over the years with
analyzers for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen as well as
thermogravimetric analyzers. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide
are proof of the quality and reliability of Eltra instruments.