How To Calibrate Your Eltra 84 Balance

How To Calibrate Your Eltra 84 Balance

The Eltra 84 Balance for the weighing of samples comes standard with new Eltra analyzers.
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Here is a quick guide on how to calibrate your Eltra 84 Balance.



Calibration/adjustment can only be performed when
– there is no load on the balance,
– the balance is tared,
– the internal signal is stable.

If these conditions are not met, an error message is displayed. Otherwise, the weight
required for calibration/adjustment is displayed.

You can use the test weight provided for calibration/adjustment; however, we
recommend using a weight of a higher accuracy class as listed below.

Weight Supplied/Recommended Weight:

Balance Model  Eltra 84 
 Test Weight Provided 50g
 Accuracy class/tolerance  F1/±0.3 mg
Recommended calibration weight 50g
 Accuracy class/tolerance E2/±0.1 mg

You can use either of the following weight units to calibrate/adjust:
g, lb (menu code 1. 4. x)
You can block calibration/adjustment of the balance (menu code 1. 5. 3)


Step Display/Printout
 Tare the balance  0.0g
Press CAL to begin calibration. Calibration weight is displayed
without weight unit (here: 1000 g)
 Place the indicated calibration
weight on the balance.
After calibration, the calibration
weight is displayed with wt. unit
 Remove the calibration weight  0.0g