Carbon, Sulfur Determination In Coke Samples

Suitable analyzers
– CS-580 series
– CS-2000 (resistance furnace)

Used accessories
-Disposable porcelain boats (90160)
-Suitable calibration material (NIST or other)

-Furnace temperature: 1350 °C
-Comparator level: 20 mV
-Minimum analysis time: 60 sec
-Maximum analysis time: 180 sec

Sample preparation
For best results grind the sample down to a particle size of approx. 200 μm.
Dry the sample to constant mass at 105 °C (at least 1 hour).


-Prepare and clean the ELTRA analyzer (e.g. exchange anhydrone, sodium
hydroxide) and set the furnace temperature to 1350 °C
-Run at least three warm up samples (e.g. ELTRA 92511-3020) with a
medium sample weight of 200 mg until the results are consistent
-Calibrate the system with a suitable calibration material (NIST or other):
(1) Weigh in 200 mg of sample in a porcelain boat (90160)
(2) Start analysis (F5 Button)
(3) Load the sample into the furnace and wait until the PC calculates

Repeat Step (1) – (3) at least three times;
Mark the results and use the calibration function in the software

-> Now start with the actual analysis.

Typical Results Carbon and Sulfur in Coke Samples with Eltra Analyzer