Oxygen Determination in Copper Samples

Suitable analyzers

– ON 900 Oxygen Nitrogen Analyzer
– OH 900 Oxygen Hydrogen Analyzer
– ONH 2000 Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer


Used accessories
– Graphite crucibles (90190)
– Suitable calibration material (NIST or other)




– Comparator level: 20 mV
– Minimum time: 15 sec
– Maximum time: 1:30 min
– Post waiting: 10 sec
– Base line deviation: 200 mV;
Step: 16 mV; Time: 10 sec
– Mode: continuous
– Outgas Time: 45 sec, Power: 3.5 kW
– Time
Purge: 20 sec
Stability: 45 sec
– Integration delay
IR cell: 2 sec
TC cell: 10 sec
– Analyse (1)
Time: 75 sec
Power (1): 3.0 kW
Power (2): 3.0 kW

Sample preparationTypical Results of Oxygen Analysis in Copper Samples with Eltra Analyzer

Make sure that the surface of the copper is free from contaminations; otherwise clean the sample with acetone p.a. and let dry at atmosphere. In case of very low oxygen concentrations (< 5 ppm) rinse the sample in nitric acid (HNO3) first, than water, last with acetone. Let this sample dry at atmosphere and analyze immediately.

Repeat steps (1) – (3) at least three times;Procedure
– Prepare ELTRA analyzer (exchange anhydrone, sodium hydroxide, copper oxide or Schuetze reagent when necessary), clean furnace, sample drop mechanism, electrode tip
– Run three blanks with empty crucibles
– Calibrate the analyzer with suitable calibration material (NIST or other)
(1) Place empty crucible (90190) on the electrode tip,
close furnace (F2 Button)
(2) Weigh calibration material (usually pins)
(3) Place calibration material in the sample drop
mechanism and start analysis (F5 Button)

Mark the results and use the calibration function in the
-> Now start with the actual analysis.